Sunday, November 1, 2015

Week #9 Reflection

This week Genevieve pointed out cross referencing your data with your questions. This gave me the idea of printing out my question and keeping it in front of me as I sort through data. I think this might help to keep me on task and will help me to work more efficiently. I also really like the idea of a number system to sort out what you think you will use (3), what you might use (2) and what you don’t plan on using (1). I would hate to leave out data and then later on realize that I need it. I also think that with leaving it out I might just forget about it, and it could’ve been really important without me even knowing it.

Another key point in the discussion on Sarah’s blog is that I need to not be so focused on what I expect to find. Some things may pop up in my data and I need to “roll with it.” This is so hard for me, as I want to stick with the method I outlined. This week after taking a step back from looking at my data, I realized I may need to look at it differently. There are just so many ways to organize data.

This week I definitely learned about the importance of going through your data as you collect it. This is something I would want to do regardless, but I probably wouldn’t have made the time. This week after our Twitter chat it motivated me to at least look at the data and try to start sorting the tweets into the main categories I had outlined in my methods. I think this is a good start, but I am thinking I will also need to sort my observations in a similar.

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