Sunday, November 15, 2015

Week 11 Data Collection

All of my data from Twitter seemed to be about the same this week. The newness has worn off and less and less students are participating. I think a huge problem is the lack of internet at home and that there is no cellular data. So really the only place to use Twitter is at school.

Observations keep getting harder. This week I totally forgot. But I have at least one day of data for each student I wanted to observe. So I think this will still work.

I am ready to sit down and try to sort through the pile of data I have collected. I am really excited to look at the post survey that I just collected on Friday. I am interested to see if student interest declined because from my perspective it did. I think a large factor is that I needed to spend a lot of time looking up new ideas on ways to include Twitter in the classroom. I just thought that using too many different activities might complicate my research. I think I would like to try some other methods in the future to see if I get different results, but it will be nice to have a baseline.

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