Sunday, November 22, 2015

Week 12 Reflection

This week I was very good for me. I didn't really consider the fact that I would need to make my research engaging. I learned some tricks to help make my research more engaging.

Cherie pointed out that a story is a good way to engage readers. This made me think of our weekly elder talks at school. When the elder tells a story students are so engaged, but when the elder tells them how to act students frequently find other ways to keep themselves occupied.

Everyone pretty much noted that creating catchy titles is another way to attract attention. If you can hook a reader with a few short words you might entice them to continue reading. I didn't really write about this in my post, but I did notice it. Once I started reading other posts this really started to sink in, and I realized how important this could be to my report.

I also found that if you make your research relatable it is far more engaging. This involves describing your settings with just enough detail that others might be able to see themselves in your shoes.

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