Sunday, November 8, 2015

Week 10 Reflection

This week it seemed like everyone talked about the issue of confidentiality and I think that was really good. It gave me many ideas to consider when I go to write up my conclusions. I realized that I need to think about confidentiality for my students. I did not really consider that too much before, but as we are coming to a close in data collection I need to start thinking about how I will write this up. Tristan pointed out that she was planning to use student A, student B, etc. I really like this idea because as I was thinking of different ways I thought even pronouns would give away too much information. Really anyone in the village would be able to identify some of the students. Another suggestion I might consider using is just telling the number of students that did a certain thing. This is what Sarah listed she was doing.

Another big concept that I will need to focus on is rich, thick detail. I really did not think about this either, but it makes sense. If I don’t describe exactly how I did something then why would anyone believe me? They would have no idea what I had done and they would discredit me.

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