Sunday, October 25, 2015

Week #8 Reflection

This week I have learned how important data mining can be. After reading I really focused on the limitations and benefits of data mining in my initial blog post. One thing I didn’t focus on was that it helps to build your research up and it can also boost your own confidence as a researcher.

Another take away from this week is that I really need to make sure I take time to go through my data. I think I will try to do that at the end of this week. I already go through data as I collect it, but Sarah made it clear that we should collect and analyze at the same time. This was a point that I overlooked in our reading and was glad it was pointed out again. I would hate to collect all this data and then realize I did not have what I needed.

I really liked reading about how others research is going. It gives me ideas and I was able to share some of what I am doing or have done with others.

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