Sunday, October 18, 2015

Week #7 Reflection

This week, from looking at Tristan’s infographic I was reminded of how important it is to stick to what you actually observe. I need to be sure that I am not including my own thoughts in my observations. This is so hard because I always want to make sense of what is going on. I think this really made me see the importance of a template for recording observations. Without this I would be writing anything I thought might be important, and this might include my own inferences.

I really found it interesting that some people are telling their students they are observing them. I guess I never thought of telling my students. I figured that would make my students act differently. I wonder how much of an impact telling your students really has on the data you get?

I think this week was very good for helping me with the process of my observations. I think I may have to start over on my observations. With what I learned this week, it would be helpful if I write down what we are doing it class. I also think it will help me if I make little notes about times I may be unable to observe. I can relate to all the comments others had about not being able to observe and teach effectively. It is very time consuming and distracting. I liked reading in one of the article that I found that you can really only observe if you teach a great lesson, give very clear directions, and check student understanding first before having students work.

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