Sunday, October 4, 2015

Reflection #5

This week I thought it was good to hear about the theoretical frameworks others are using. The whole concept of a theoretical framework is new to me, and when this class started I was totally lost on what a theoretical framework was. I still feel a little lost in identifying the different frameworks, but feel a little more comfortable in the one I am using, community of inquiry (COI).

From the Twitter discussion I was reminded of the importance of not collecting so much data that I can not analyze it. It really made me sure that I should focus on the 9 students who are in both classes. I think these 9 students will be a good representation of all students.

I also found it really helpful to read about how others are collecting data. At first I forgot about using surveys as an option. I was going to interview students, but realized because of time constraints a survey would be more efficient. A survey would also provide the benefit of being all written and I would not have to record and transcribe.

Finally, I also find it helpful that Peter is researching something that also includes social media. It is very helpful to read what he is doing and compare it to mine.

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