Sunday, September 20, 2015

Journal #3

This week I was really struggling to wrap my head around all that we had been assigned to read. It is really hard to remember that this doesn't need to be quantitate, as a few others have also pointed out. I am a science teacher and I always feel the need to get data whenever possible. I think this week really helped to point out that I don't necessarily need numbers.

I was also kind of able to wrap my head around what a theoretical framework is. However, it is still a little fuzzy. I think connectivsm is most likely the best fit. I hope to see how online discussion impacts students who tend to be quieter. I want to see if this helps them to connect to the class, so that they can share their learning.

I really liked reading about other projects. I think it is very interesting that everyone plans to research something totally different. It just really pointed out to me how much technology really is available to us today. I am very eager to hear about everyone's results, and maybe learn something that would work in my classes as well.

This week I was struggling to really figure out what I wanted to study for my action research. The question I have come to is: how does Twitter impact students who rarely talk versus those who talk all the time in class? I would like to target about 10 students who are in my biology class, in which I will use Twitter, and are also in my physical science class, in which I won't use Twitter this semester. I know at least a couple of the students tend to be quieter and a couple are very talkative, the rest fall somewhere in the middle, so this should work well.

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