Sunday, September 13, 2015

Jounal #2

I learned a lot about the differences between qualitative and quantitative research. In science I know qualitative means that you will be describe what you see, and quantitative implies numbers are involved. This was a very basic definition and now I can see how the 2 types of research can give 2 very different perspectives.

I love the idea of using qualitative research to assess my classes, but I can see that it is time intensive. The data it could potentially give could be invaluable, but it could also be biased. Even considering the pros and cons I still think qualitative research could be crucial in helping me evolve as a teacher. My main takeaway is that qualitative research considers the situation, and can give you results that fit that situation. Qualitative research requires you, as a teacher, to build relationships. This is much better than just giving a test because it gives the student a chance to explain their answer. Students are also more invested in something that they feel they are connected to. I really liked Peter’s example of the cookies. The student knew the right answer, and any teacher would be able to tell that if they had just asked the student why. But if you only ask the student to give an answer you may be missing something. This proves why qualitative research can be invaluable.

After our Twitter chat I realized I was getting my 2 classes mixed up. I was wondering if I had fallen asleep while reading, because I did not remember reading about any of the questions. I read the assignment for my other class, but did not get to the reading for this class. I was thinking I had until Friday when I posted my blog to complete the reading. I was so confused. I am still getting used to taking classes all online. It seems more difficult to keep the classes separate, because I do the classes in the same settings.

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